Light operator

I am an Operator of Light with a great sensibility and knowledge. I Enter into psychophysical tuning, transmitting beneficial stimuli. I 'specialized in musical instruments at 432Hz.

After my arrival in Switzerland I started my spiritual journey. I had the opportunity to meet great masters in the courses I attended as Piergiorgio Caselli, founder of the "Non School School" in Rome. I followed the course of Divine Reiki with the guidance of Dr. Eduardo Musi. For more than 10 years I have been following Raul Micieli, founder of the Metaphysical School of Milan. I attended in Mendrisio Hoponopono courses and seminars of numerology. I finished the school of Mysterium Aeternum of Slavy Gehring. I'm about to finish the school Enigma of Parapsicology in Mendrisio as Magister. I attended several ceremonies with Don José shaman from the Amazon. In Milan I had the honour of personally meeting the Great Lama the Dalai Lama. I attended the Sacral initiation ceremony of Women in the school of Edina Kammerer, writer and yoga teacher. I studied and completed the classical massage course.

Body Light Cleaning

Improves physical health and strengthens the immune system, restoring a proper energy flow.
The use of orgonite combined with the black tourmaline absorbs the disarmonies and negative attitudes by strengthening the vital energy and protects from electrosmog.

Connect Om

It intervenes on the mental sphere, in which we generate our rational thoughts, which can be mistaken and limited, deforming the reality that may seem less agreeable.
The production of serotonin, dopamine and endorphins is stimulated, which are hormones in the brain responsible for a clean, cheerful and serene mind.

Body Rainbow

Acts on the Spirit (Karma). Karma comes from the cause-and-effect relationship, and can be negative or positive depending on the actions you make. Negative Karma can be changed with forgiveness to the others and to ourselves.
The use of amethyst promotes reconciliation, peace, compassion and forgiveness. While the crystal harp emits an angelic sound that recreates the spirit.

Shower of Harmony

It affects emotions, feelings that can be blocked, the spiritual sphere, empathy and intuitions.
Much of the massage is done with closed eyes blindfolded to work on deep emotions. The emotional liberation that arises, often accompanied by tears, lightens the soul and relaxes in the depths.

Feet and hands

It gives beauty and relief to hands and feet, providing a pleasant rejuvenating sensation.
Himalayan salt, chamomile and lava stones are used.

Back and shoulder

It helps to loosen the muscles and promotes blood circulation.
Using also stones at varying temperatures (hot but sometimes even cold) is freed from physical and mental tensions, arouding a natural well-being.

Head and neck

It relieves tension, alleviating pain and improving concentration and mood.
Rose quartz and lavender are also used.

The therapists active in the Temple of Light perform further personalized treatments according to your specific needs.

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