Light operator

I am a Light Operator, a holistic therapist, creator of deep and long-lasting, natural and relaxing psychophysical wellness pathways to be realized together. I act on the energy that activates the homeostasis processes of our organism.

I learned the techniques in almost twenty years of training and practical experience. I am a masseuse graduated in foot reflexology and hand, classical massage, osteomtait, lymph drainage, reiky, Tui-na. I Currently attend the IOME Institute (Oriental Institute of Energy Medicine) in Milan. I developed my technique of holistic approach of the person and health. "Holistic" comes from the Greek and means "whole". The "Holistic Health" (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) expresses the connection between body, mind and spirit.

The treatment suitable for every single person is chosen by a careful energetic evaluation applying the criteria of traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine. It improves the circulation and the nervous system, the muscular system and the joints, and the diuresis, as well as an enhancement of the immune system. The painful and functional osteo-artro-myofascial diseases, the neurological disorders, the intestinal disorders, the psychic turbes and the gynecological disturbances, are alleviated. All treatments are accompanied by a deep feeling of wellbeing.

Tui-na Massage

It is an ancient manual technique that allows to find and maintain the physical and psychic wellbeing. The Tui-na has been partially taken over the centuries by Shiatsu and other types of massages. Acupressure techniques are performed on the energetic points of acupuncture, muscular massage and vertebral and articular traction. I use essentially fingers, hands and elbows with which the mobilizations are exercised to drain the main energy channels and rebalance the Qi that is the vital energy, whose blocks hinder the wellbeing.

Plantar reflexology

Metamorphic technique


The therapists active in the Temple of Light perform further personalized treatments according to your specific needs.

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